At ‘Perfetto Kitchens and Interiors’ our design principle is simple:

Sleek, elegant and functional designs to suit our clients’ needs.

Upon inspection of your property, we will establish the scope of the project and develop with you, an accurate assessment of how we can turn your existing space into the kitchen of your dreams.

With your budget in mind, we will assess the costs involved to develop your space. We will consider together what we can achieve in the space available, and whether or not any expansion or structural changes are required.  We will, of course, reflect as much as possible on the existing design elements of your home, to ensure consistent styling.

Our number one priority will be planning for function. We will consider your cooking style and special requirements and ensure all of your needs are met. We understand that a good floor plan is essential, and we will develop a close working relationship between the cooktop, sink and refrigerator for utmost convenience. We will ensure that ample countertop space is provided and your storage needs are met.

When designing your cabinetry, we specialize in all elements of design including roll-out shelves, wire baskets, soft close drawers, pull out pantries and more. Our practical and durable materials will ensure that your workspace is not only functional, but also easy to maintain. 

With our strong network of suppliers, we are confident that we can recommend appliances and fixtures and lighting that is suited to your needs and budget. When it comes to designing your space, the only limit is your imagination. Perfetto Kitchens leaves no detail untouched. Let us help you to discover the endless possibilities…


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